Information about Employee Relations

Some people may say the company is much like the automotive engine; if the different parts, even seemingly irrelevant nuts and bolts, are not in tip top shape, it can’t run as well as it needs to. The best thing concerning auto parts is that they are very easy to maintain and also to change if there are issues. The little oil can actually go for long way when making them to work very well together. However, a comparison between two, even though often attempted, is actually not at all very accurate.


Essentially people are more complex than a clutch or engine because they’re as much the product of the motivations to their functions. It’s not very easy win throwing people together and then makes them to work right even under much strict rules and the regulations. There can always be the conflicts and essentially there are more conflicts among the employees because there are in between the management. This is actually sometimes because of the fact that not all the employees require and needs are necessarily on a same level or even context.

Some people need more benefits, the shorter working hours, the longer breaks, better cafeteria food, fair treatment, more of the lenient rules in smoking, the dress code, the language and more which can be so by employee relations. Actually the management to the other hand needs the top-notch presentation, the shorter breaks, better output and the fewer complaints.

Arriving at the common ground need be very easy but reality of it is that it’s more complicated other than the one you may think. The employee relations are as the brittle as the china wares. Even when conceding with it they they’re there to give to a betterment of a company, in the end of a day, they can always be separate people who want to bring at home bacon. On the deeper level, people work for their own interests and benefits in many working scenarios and each have their own personal objections. That is why the conflicts can actually arise from the most seemingly mundane objects.